Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Word of the Week: Pulchritude!

We're a word-loving family, especially Dad. One of the GG's most popular features is the Word of the Week, an ongoing soap opera that features a vocabulary word used both correctly and incorrectly.

This week's word is PULCHRITUDE: physical beauty or comeliness.

Stella posed in the doorway, a vision of pulchritude in her long, sequined gown. "I do hope I'm not late," she purred, touching the glittering diamonds at her throat with a perfectly proportioned hand.

"Late? LATE?" snapped Torque. "We should have been there an hour ago! At this rate, your Uncle Pierre will be ready to cut us right out of the will, especially after you wrecked his Jaguar last week."

"I've had it with your bad pulchritude!" hissed Stella. "Would it kill you to look on the bright side for once?"

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