Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word of the Week: Incalescence!

This week's word is INCALESCENCE: the process of becoming warm or hot.

“I’m here to see Dr. Sheridan,” announced Zinc as he strode into the Windy Beach Incalescence Home.

“Yes, we spoke on the phone,” said a honey-sweet voice behind him. “I’m Dr. Sheridan.”

“Tiffette?” Zinc whirled, staring incredulously at the shapely, white-coated figure. “I thought I’d never see you again after you eloped with Xavier!” He crushed Dr. Sheridan to his chest in a breathless embrace.

“Mr. Oxide, this is neither the time nor the place,” she whispered, pushing him away and adjusting her stethoscope. “Your uncle Pierre’s condition is still critical. There’s no way to tell whether his convalescence will continue.”

“Sorry, Tiffette,” he mumbled, gazing deep into the emerald-green eyes he knew so well. “I shouldn’t have let the incalescence of my heart run away with me.”

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