Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Word of the Week: Conurbation!

This week's word is CONURBATION: an extensive urban area resulting from the expansion of several cities or towns so that they coalesce but usually retain their separate identities.

Zinc and Dr. Sheridan lingered in the hallway at the Windy Beach Convalescence Home. “Sorry I’m so late,” apologized Zinc. “Traffic was backed up all over the Bay area conurbation!”

“It’s a good thing you’re here now. Mr. Baguette has been asking for you,” said Dr. Sheridan, flipping over a page on her clipboard. “Something about changing his will before it’s too late. Are you his next of kin, Mr. Oxide?”

“Well, Uncle Pierre’s not my actual uncle per se,” said Zinc uncomfortably. “We’re not related by blood. His second ex-wife was my stepmother’s half-sister.”

Dr. Sheridan’s lovely brow furrowed in conurbation. “So that makes him your-?

“I’ve always thought of him as a distant cousin,” confessed Zinc. “You think that’s complicated, you should talk to my mechanic, Ax. I was the best man at his wedding when he accidentally married his own aunt because he was a foundling who didn’t know who his parents were. Not to mention he was already married to my sister, Chastity.”

“Who is Mr. Baguette’s next of kin?” persisted Dr. Sheridan. “And do you know the name of his lawyer?”

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